The Data Security Gateway (DSX) is a data gateway and security software that connects legacy devices and applications to Bonafeyed protected databases whether located in the cloud, within a SaaS product, or an on-premises DBMS. The DSX compliments existing security infrastructure and operates on application data independent of a protocol or data structure. Without any changes to end-point devices, DSX brings Bonafeyed’s data-defined security, data cryptography, and last mile protection - a rapid, light-weight deployment option for any Enterprise.

DSX is designed to interoperate with database management systems, database driven applications and 3rd party SaaS such as, Facebook Workplace, ServiceNow, and NetSuite. There is no change to an application’s functionality. Users continue transparent use of applications. DSX identifies and secures an application’s data so that the data is protected from hackers and cyber-thieves while allowing authorized users to see and use the protected data. It supports both the patented 800-bit high performance Stream Cipher and standard AES256 Block Cipher operations to protect data without impacting performance or functionality.

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DSX encrypts application data fields before it is stored in the cloud and decrypts the data when it is en route to the client’s web application. The cloud applications or servers are not negatively impacted – it has no idea that the data is encrypted. Additionally, when the cloud server is hacked and the data stolen, the hackers only have access to encrypted data, digital gibberish. IT installs DSX on virtual machines or appliances, describes the cloud system, updates the configuration so DSX exists between the clients and application server, and DSX does the rest. DSX performs encrypt/decrypt operations and works in conjunction with Bonafeyed’s Cy4Secure Arbiter (CSA) where users are authorized, and 800-bit encryption keys are created and managed. Each DSX supports up to 175 users and each cluster can manage up to 3 separate applications. Key DSX features:

  • Secured data gateway for any legacy and 3rd party SaaS applications
  • Encrypts and Decrypts data between application servers and clients
  • 800-bit or AES256 encryption, auto data field detection, and admin dashboard
  • Supports 175 users per DSX node and up to 3 applications per DSX cluster
  • High availability active-active n+m cluster failover design
  • Low-latency, scalable high throughput architecture

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