We are a group of entrepreneurs that bring a wealth of experience and desires to build unique solutions that solve real world problems. The core team members each has decades of experience in developing new technologies, successfully bringing products to market, and growing an idea into a company. We have unique backgrounds from developing different cryptosystems for the U. S. National Security Agency, engineering FEDSTD-1026/1027 (now FIPS-140) test procedures for the DES-based cryptosystems, designing secured military field communication platforms for DARPA, building multi-core multi-threading network and communication processors with security accelerators, creating largescale telephony security endpoint validators, architecting security solutions for smart cards and DRM video distribution technologies, building the industry’s first enterprise class PCI-Express flash drive, to coding key enabling technologies for creating dynamic, automated, and self- optimizing data centers. Together, we strive to solve the challenges of data security.