Lesley Workman

Strategy and Marketing


Lesley Workman is a pioneer in the digital media industry and has a track record of successful new product launches in the entertainment industry and in startups.


After working on major media deals at Allen & Company, Lesley spearheaded strategy and acquisitions for Turner Entertainment Group and helped launch Cartoon Network, TNT/Cartoon Network Europe, and Turner New Media. She played a key role in the acquisition and integration of film and television studios, including Hanna-Barbera, New Line Cinema, and Castle Rock.


Lesley helped open a Turner office in Silicon Valley to develop an early VR world for Cartoon Network, where she realized that “user-generated content” (now social media) was the future of the internet. She left Turner to co-found Urbanite, one of the first social media companies, where, as CEO, she raised over $11 million in VC funding and signed up approximately 5 million users for its personal pages, video, and chat -- years prior to the emergence of MySpace, Facebook, or YouTube.


More recently, Lesley built Qi Gong Master Lee Holden into a brand and launched Exercise To Heal, a producer and distributor of wellness programs airing nationally on PBS stations and sold direct-to-consumer. In addition, she provides strategy and marketing advice to a wide range of companies.


Lesley holds a BA from Princeton University.