Protect Salesforce Content

Salesforce is a great tool, but how do you ensure that hackers can't view your data stored on the cloud server? How do you selectively protect some content for specific customers without some messy user and groups configuration? Bonafeyed enables you to manage and control all of these issues, easily. Take a few minutes to configure use of Bona-Data™ and immediately Bonafeyed starts to encrypt information.


The use model remains unchanged. Continue to add/modify/delete contacts, customer details, notes, chats. But now, that information is encrypted within the Salesforce ecosystem. There is no software to change on the client side or the server side. Bona-Data takes care of the data protection so that the user experience and functionality continues as usual.


Salesforce offers Platform Encryption as a way to encrypt some of the Salesforce data. Bonafeyed protects the same fields as the Salesforce Platform Encryption product while bringing notable improvements.


  Bona-Data™ Platform Encryption
Encryption at rest
Encryption in transit
Data is exposed during transit
Can encrypt all alpha fields
Only specific fields are protected
Key Server can be located anywhere
Must be located with Salesforce Server
Drop-in, no change to Salesforce config or server

Configure Salesforce, install additional server
Keys can be destroyed
Avoids SSL flaws

Doesn't protect data in transit
Keys can be expired
Keys can expire automatically
Must manually expire keys