Encoding/decoding message by selectively adjusting characteristics of sub-units in image data

A message can be encoded in an image file by mapping at least one bit of the message onto each sub-unit of the image file, and adjusting a distinguishable characteristic of each sub-unit according to the corresponding bit to produce a modified image file. The message can be decoded from the message file by comparing each sub-unit of the modified image file with a corresponding sub-unit of the original image file, and identifying at least one bit of the message based on each comparison.

Patent # 9,514,504

Use of 32-bit Random Numbers to Produce Cipher Key Stream for 8-bit Data Stream

A method of enciphering information comprises generating five index values by performing modulo division on a 32-bit binary input value, identifying five 8-bit output patterns based on the five index values, and enciphering or deciphering five bytes of text using the five 8-bit output patterns.

Patent # 9,246,681