Bonafeyed® Highlights Consumer’s Everyday Privacy Vulnerabilities for International Data Privacy/Protection Day

Unveils latest Privacy Platform Bonafeyed’s "Zero-Config Privacy"


Burlingame, CA (PRWEB) January 28, 2015


In recognition of International Data Privacy/Protection Day, Bonafeyed issued its annual list of consumer’s everyday privacy vulnerabilities.  The list highlights some of the most common privacy vulnerabilities that the average consumer faces, all of which create significant risk.  In addition, the Company unveiled its latest addition to its privacy platform, Bonafeyed’s Zero-Config Privacy.  


Bonafeyed's Top Consumer Everyday Privacy Vulnerabilities 


1. Smart home and Internet of things devices send tagged, geo-located data that can be intercepted in real time and determine when you are home and exactly where you are in your house. – Encourage your vendor to review the amount of information being tracked and to at least encrypt the data in transit and at rest.


2. The latest Smart TVs record browser history, listen to conversations, video record movements, and store and analyze that content to provide demographics to 3rd parties. – Turn off those “features” in the configuration screens, unless it’s really necessary to wave or speak a command to change the channel.


3. Facebook profiles contain most of the information needed by identity thieves. – Review the amount of information provided. Or, use Bonafeyed to encrypt the information.


4. For entertainment, Uber  employees use a feature called “God View” that allows tracking of all Uber customers in real time. – Let Uber know what you think of this practice. Encourage them to stop.


5. The average smartphone camera includes geo coordinates in all pictures, telling everyone where your kids are. – In your device, turn off location services for camera apps.


6. Google servers read all gMail messages – enabling them to send you targeted ads and provide demographics to marketers. – Don’t send confidential or personal private data via email, or install Bonafeyed to encrypt messages.


7. Most copiers contain a hard drive that has a copy of all copies, faxes, scans ever made.– Check the owner’s manual for directions and remove the hard drive before disposing of the copier.


8. Even if you aren't a member of any on-line social network, your contact information stored by others is enough to build a shockingly detailed "shadow profile" about you. – Educate your friends about the privacy dangers of sharing too much. And if they must share information about you, at least encrypt it.


Bonafeyed products already tackle many of these privacy issues and the Company is on track to solve even more.


With Bonafeyed’s “Zero-Config Privacy” users simply install the browser enhancement and all Facebook posts, chats, and uploads are immediately privatized yet still viewable by their friends. Bonafeyed brings automatic privacy to Gmail as well. No account registration is required and no data is seen or stored by Bonafeyed servers.


Users with Bonafeyed installed will automatically see privatized content from their friends and associates.


“This latest version of the Bonafeyed products makes protecting privacy a no brainer. “, said Todd Carper, CEO of Bonafeyed, LLC. “You already view the ads from the cloud service providers, you shouldn’t have to let them read and mine private posts and email, too.”


Bonafeyed will continue to bring Zero-Config Privacy definitions to popular web sites. 


Bonafeyed for Browsers can be downloaded for free at


About Bonafeyed

Bonafeyed makes privacy personal.  Our no-hassle (invisible to the user) key management and unique steganography technology bring the ancient science of encoding hidden messages to the social media age, empowering everyone to manage the privacy and security of their business and personal data.