Bonafeyed Updates Privacy Products Enabling Easier Adoption and Broader Privacy Protections

User data stays protected from the time it leaves their device until it is displayed on the recipient’s screen


Burlingame, CA (PRWEB) May 19, 2014


Both products now allow usage without registering an account. Users can simply provide the login name of “guest”. This is the fastest way for users to privatize their post, chats, and emails to thwart data mining and snooping. The Browser Toolbar now supports all websites, enabling users of any web service to privatize their information. The iOS app now supports both OneDrive and DropBox for storing of encrypted images posted to Facebook and allows direct access to both Yahoo Mail and Gmail for easy protection of email.


Bonafeyed has also introduced a common protection grouping within the products called “Bonafeyed Community”, which is a group shared by all Bonafeyed users. Privatizing a post with the Bonafeyed Community group blocks data mining while still allowing all other Bonafeyed users to see the content. This new feature allows users of Facebook to block data mining by Facebook, encourages sharing of even more information with their Facebook friends, but doesn’t require knowledge of their friends contact information.  Users don’t always know the current email address of all of their Facebook friends. But, as long as Bonafeyed is used, even as a guest, users can share information with their friends and not have the posts mined and that information shared or sold to others.


“Bonafeyed is putting privacy back into the hands of users,” said Todd Carper, CEO of Bonafeyed. “Today’s changes allow fast adoption for mobile and PC based-users so they can easily make every piece of their social media and cloud-based email content safe from snooping and spying.”


Bonafeyed’s unique solution encrypts and decrypts data directly on the user’s computer.  Only encrypted personal data is transmitted over the Internet and is stored on email servers and cloud servers of social media service providers in this encrypted form, making it impossible for anyone to view data without express permission from the user. 


The Bonafeyed iOS app is a free download on the App Store. The Bonafeyed Toolbar can be downloaded for free at


About Bonafeyed

Bonafeyed makes privacy personal.  Our no-hassle (invisible to the user) key management and unique steganography technology bring the ancient science of encoding hidden messages to the social media age, empowering everyone to manage the privacy and security of their business and personal data.