Bonafeyed Introduces an iPhone App That Protects Your Facebook and Gmail Content

It’s now possible to manage the privacy and security of your Facebook and Gmail accounts.


Burlingame, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2014


Bonafeyed today released the Bonafeyed App for iPhone, a unique personal data security technology that enables users to manage the privacy and security of their digital content across cloud-based services. The initial release allows Facebook users to encrypt their picture and text postings, comments, chats, as well as encrypt emails sent with Gmail.


Bonafeyed for iPhone makes it possible to have privacy on the Internet. An email exchange among friends about selling a house no longer results in suddenly being bombarded by realtor ads, because the automated email scanners are unable to read the Bonafeyed encrypted messages. It’s now OK to post personal pictures on the Internet. Bonafeyed encrypts the pictures so that cloud providers cannot view them, sell them, or use them to promote some random product.


“Users are being held hostage by the service providers. In order to use their services, you must agree to let them mine and sell all of your information,” said Todd Carper, Founder and CEO of Bonafeyed. “With Bonafeyed, you can use these services without revealing everything about yourself to the world.”


Bonafeyed’s unique solution encrypts and decrypts data directly on the iPhone. Only encrypted personal data is transmitted over the Internet and is stored on cloud servers of social media and email service providers in this encrypted form, making it impossible for anyone to view data without express permission from the user.


With Bonafeyed for iPhone, Facebook and Gmail users can encrypt posts and emails such that only specified persons can view the messages. Additionally, Facebook and Gmail administrators and automated scanners are unable to read or mine your communications.


“Bonafeyed doesn’t keep the email addresses of you or your friends, which means we cannot contact you, or sell or provide your email address to third parties. It may seem unbelievable, but servers shouldn’t need to keep a re-usable form of your email address,” commented Carper.


Support for additional cloud-based services is currently being tested and will be released soon.


Users can download Bonafeyed for iPhone for free on the App Store. You can read more about Bonafeyed at


About Bonafeyed

Bonafeyed makes privacy personal. Our unique steganography technology brings the ancient science of encoding hidden messages to the social media age, empowering everyone to manage the privacy and security of their personal data.