Hampton Miller

Chief Scientist, Co-Founder


Mr. Miller teaches post-graduate software engineering in the computer science department at the University of California. The course surveys famous design disasters. He also teaches an undergraduate course entitled, "Machine Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, and Interrupt Service Routines."


As a cryptographer, Mr. Miller has several key accomplishments:

  • supplied several different cryptosystems to the U. S. National Security Agency.
  • worked directly with Dr. Justin Reyneri of Martin Hellman Associates on a U.S. Dept of Energy encrypted satellite system.
  • created and executed the FEDSTD-1026/1027 (now FIPS-140) test procedures for the DES-based cryptosystem.
  • obtained a waiver from NSA, necessary due to the use of multiple LSI DES chips in parallel to achieve the required speed.
  • worked directly with both of the inventors of DES (Konheim and Tuchman). Dr. Alan Konheim was the Department Chairman at UCSB. He also worked for NSA at the time, and years later, complimented Hampton on the "clever design" of the Hellman DES system. Dr. Walter Tuchman was the director of engineering at Forum Systems where Mr. Miller worked on systems that managed information for the U.S. Secretary of Defense among others.

As an architect, Mr. Miller

  • helped IBM conquer the jungles of Central America using packet radio to interconnect remote IBM 2703s.
  • helped the U.S. customs section of the U.S. Department of Commerce (now Homeland Security) span the farflung reaches of the Pacific Ocean using standard issue military HF radios instead of the expensive (and non-U.S.-owned) INMARSAT. The coolest part was the Galois/trellis forward error correction which allowed the system to survive the frequent lightning-strike-induced multiple bit dropouts.
  • designed and implemented the cryptographically signed automatic transport and update mechanism for the Phoenix Technologies "App Store".
  • was the crypto guy on the "tiger team" brought in to pen and load test Intellisync/Verizon by their CEO.
  • helped Microsoft reduce the time to perform complete "black box" manufacturing functional test of their WebTV internet appliance from over seven minutes to just 120 seconds.
  • took one smart card implementation of SHA-1 and, after three hours, had reduced its ROM "footprint" by a factor of ten and increased its speed by an order of magnitude.
  • created and executed the FIPS-140 test procedures for CrypTEC/NPoint's smart cards. He also did a cleanroom implementation of PKCS for them.
  • designed the enterprise level n-of-m key management suite for ID-Smart, based on Ron Rivest's All-or-Nothing protocol.
  • designed and implemented a self-configuring "smart dust" dual-band wireless network for Textron using NSA's micro-"KG box".
  • implemented Dr. Art Sorkin's Cryptographic Capability system for him which proved just the importance of PKI.
  • created a genetic algorithm system using Linux and a $100 Nvidia graphics card to process an entire day's S&P-500 e-mini tick data in 74 milliseconds, round trip.