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Bona-Share™ is a truly secure cloud-based file sharing service.

Developer SDK

Using the SDK, developers can integrate the Bonafeyed capabilities and provide a user interface specific to their application.

EU GDPR Copmpliance with Bona-Data™

All data stored or transmitted to Enterprise or Cloud Systems is encrytped. Keep your information confidential and comply with the EU GDPR regulations.

iOS Privacy Keyboard

The Bonafeyed Privacy Keyboard for iOS enables every iOS application to deliver and accept privatized information.

Browser Plugin

The Bonafeyed plugin for browsers brings privacy protections to every web site and application.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce customers can immediately and transparently encrypt information submitted to cloud servers without coding or changing the Salesforce systems.

GMail Integration

All email sent and received via GMail is automatically encrypted/decrypted when sending/receiving. The email stays protected even at rest on the email server.