Our advantages

  • Works in conjunction with all security solutions

    Bonafeyed complements existing deployed security solutions covering detection, prevention and transportation.

  • Operates across multiple/mixed security environments

    Bonafeyed allows protection within applications such as 3rd party SaaS for CRM, ERP, Accounting, cloud storage, and collaboration, Databases, traditional office applications, and messaging.

  • Data Encryption for any data size or type

    Bonafeyed goes beyond classic file-level or volume level data protection and can protect messages or texts, data fields or cells within an application (Encrypted database entries are searchable ciphertext) , and even images.

  • Password-less encryption workflows

    You don’t need to change your workflows, processes, devices, operating systems, deployment strategies, email system, or messaging applications... Work the way you like to work or deploy applications. Bonafeyed is agnostic and works with your existing security solutions and applications. Our technology secures your content on premise, in the cloud, on 3rd party SaaS applications and when shared with other parties. That's it. Everything else stays the way it was or how you want it to be but now your data is protected against unauthorized access.

  • Endpoint ciphering with little to no performance impact

    Data is encrypted/decrypted on your device. Bonafeyed,LLC. never sees your data and has no knowledge of where your data is stored.

  • Gives full compliance to data protection regulations

    Bonafeyed offers the industry’s first transparent encrypt/decrypt solution as a SaaS or Subscription model that is application, architecture, and system agnostic providing complete data protection, privacy and regulatory compliance with initiatives such as GDPR, HIPAA, BFSI Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, ABA 477R, and CCPA.

Who We Are

Seasoned Engineering and Security Professionals

We are experienced with architecting and implementing highly secure systems utilizing hardware, software, cloud systems, embedded systems, biometrics, and encryption. We've brought those experiences together to create Bonafeyed. Now, Enterprises can bring data security and privacy to all of their systems and applications.