Our advantages

  • 1.
    It's your data

    Data is encrypted/decrypted on your device. Bonafeyed,LLC. never sees your data and has no knowledge of where your data is stored.

  • 2.
    Super simple key management

    Use Bonafeyed as a Guest with the Community Key or register an account and create groups of friends or associates. The Bonafeyed server securely creates a unique key for each group and distributes the key to those in the group. You add or remove people in the groups whenever you want. Revoke groups and the associated content at any time.

  • 3.
    Keep working the way you always have

    Don't change your process, enterprise, device, operating system, deployment strategy, email system, chat program... Work the way you like to work. Or, change one or all of your systems at any time - Bonafeyed doesn't care. Bonafeyed encrypts and secures your content; all of it. That's it. Everything else stays the way it was or how you want it to be.

Who We Are

Seasoned Engineering and Security Professionals

We are experienced with architecting and implementing highly secure systems utilizing hardware, software, cloud systems, embedded systems, biometrics, and encryption. We've brought those experiences together to create Bonafeyed. Now, consumers and companies can bring data security and privacy to all of their systems and aplications.

Our Security Experts