Bona-Share™ securely stores files and allows them to be securely shared with others. Bona-Share is a secure alternative to other file sharing systems like DropBox, Box, GDrive, OneDrive, etc.

Bonafeyed encrypts files before they leave the user device; therefore, file security is not affected by known nor by not-yet-discovered vulnerabilities in other systems like SSL.

Because Bonafeyed encrypts data before it leaves the device, and data remains encrypted until it’s displayed on an authorized device. As a result, when the rest of the infrastructure breaks down, Bonafeyed data remains secure.

Bona-Share allows cusomtized group sharing, manages an audit log of all files, and supports all standard browsers.

Bona-Share Appliance is available for companies that desire an on-premises installation. Please contact us for more details.


Contact us at to request access to our demo system and see first-hand Bonafeyed in action.