Bona-Share™ Secured File Sharing

While business file sharing is an essential part of worker productivity in the mobile and connected realm, it is a commonly misunderstood data security risk. Sure, sending data to and from a storage cloud can be protected in-transit using Secure Sockets Layer or SSL, but how is data protected after it arrives or when it’s downloaded by others?  

Bona-Share is a cloud service (SaaS) that securely stores files and allows them to be securely shared with others both internally and externally. Bona-Share is a secure alternative to other file sharing systems like DropBox™,™, Google Drive™, OneDrive™, etc.

Integrated with Bona-Isolator™ technology, data stored by the Bona-Share service is kept in a file store that is not accessible via a network. This proprietary technology safeguards all (encrypted) files in active, backend "cold storage" or archives. Even successful hacking of the public facing servers providing this service does not allow access to file stores.

Multi-factor authentication is required to gain access to Bona-Share. Users are provided a TOTP token for usage during the login process. Because the system is significantly more secure than other systems available for commercial or government use, Bona-Share guards against nefarious use. To that end, Bona-Share requires accurate Know Your Customer (KYC) information for users of the system. The KYC employed is the same used by banks and online business. All KYC information is securely stored on Bona-Share storage that is inaccessible by any network.

Bona-Share works in conjunction with the Cy4Secure Data Protection solution. 800-bit encryption keys are created and managed by Cy4Secure and used to encrypt or decrypt shared files by authorized users. All user information contained on the Cy4Secure system is fully protected by a SHA-512 cryptographic hash function designed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). Bona-Share allows customized group sharing, manages an audit log of all files, and supports all standard browsers

Bona-Share users have nothing to install. Necessary security software is automatically provided by the SFS Server. Files are encrypted before they leave the user device; therefore, file security is not affected by known nor by not-yet-discovered vulnerabilities in other systems like SSL/TLS. Once protected, the data remains encrypted until it’s displayed on an authorized device. As a result, even when the rest of the infrastructure breaks down or is penetrated by unauthorized users, Bonafeyed protected data remains secure.


Software Development Kits

Using the SDK, developers can integrate the Bonafeyed capabilities and provide a user interface specific to their application.