Encryption Key Management Cloud and Software Service

At the heart of Bonafeyed’s data protection platform is the Key Management Service (KMS). It simplifies the ability to secure data throughout its life from creation to long term storage. KMS offers key creation and maintenance either through a cloud-based service (SaaS) or for larger enterprise companies that prefer an on-premise solution deployed as a software-defined solution on a virtual machine, physical server or white-box appliance.

An integral part of Bonafeyed’s platform, KMS supports a password-less security model that is application, architecture, and infrastructure agnostic providing complete data protection, privacy and regulatory compliance for initiatives such as GDPR/HIPAA/CCPA. When encrypted data is lost, stolen, abandoned or forgotten, it remains protected and inaccessible once keys are deleted or retired.

The core encryption technology is based on an efficient and strong Stream Cipher and utilizes an 800-bit key. It is 6 to 20 times faster and has a high-quality period that is 10^263 times larger than traditional 256-bit encryption algorithms. All this equates to data protection for today’s demands and future threats. And for the first time, data can be protected for its entire life and not relegated to only data-at-rest applications. The KMS has the following features:

Key management is performed using an innovative Group management approach. Keys are associated with a Group (one or many users). Users can easily be identified by an email address. Additional life-cycle key management features include:


Software Development Kits

Using the SDK, developers can integrate the Bonafeyed capabilities and provide a user interface specific to their application.